technical support


For the preparation of a good coffee the rule of the “4 Keys” requires that the equipment, coffee-grinder and coffee-machine, are always efficient and perfectly adjusted.


The equipment installed when acquiring a new customer is perfectly calibrated and verified, but to maintain maximum product yield it is mandatory that periodic maintenance and inspections are carried out by trained and competent people.


The Caffè Vero sales force is trained to understand if the equipment has any problem and is able to carry out little maintenances and adjustments. They regularly take care of inspection to all of their customers' equipment and in case of need they will make arrangements for our technicians to inspect the machine.


A computerized system monitors periodic reminders (change of grinders, filter cleaning etc. ...), necessary to be carried out by the corporate technicians or by the external authorized ones in charge of the different areas.


The technicians network always ensure timely and professional maintenance of the equipment, both routine and periodic as well as extraordinary in the event of faults, always assuring maximum yield and the quality of the coffee in the cup.


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