il sistema di qualità

For us quality is a system. It is a chain made ​​up by many linked rings all fundamental for the achievement of the final target: a good cup of coffee. This means products quality, efficiency of equipment and maintenance service, professionalism and availability of the sales network and customer service.


Quality thus begins with the evaluation of the most reliable suppliers guaranteeing consistency and selection of the purchased green coffees, always in accordance to organoleptic and health (chemical, physical and bacteriological) controls at internationally recognized independent laboratories. Samples of the different purchased lots are sent to our internal laboratory too, to verify the required characteristics and authorizing their acceptance. Coffee arriving to our warehouses is subsequently compared with the purchased samples and only corresponding quality is authorized for production. Controls continue after roasting as well and samples of roasted batches are tasted and kept for reference.

Caffé Vero has voluntarily applied for final quality product certification by undergoing the controls of CSQA the most reputable institute in the field of agro-food. The certifying institute verifies the values and parameters which have to be constantly adhered to in order to certify the quality of the purchased product as well as the best manufacturing, packing and shipping practices.


But quality does not end with the sale of the product. Technical support is crucial for maintaining high quality over time. This isprimarily carried out by the sales network which is always the contact point of the customer. The Key Account Area Manager is therefore the customer reference for any necessity or problematic and for this reason the Caffè Vero personnel attends specific technical-commercial courses enabling them to fulfill the best after-sales service.

It will then be the Area Manager which will assess the type of assistance required and send a technician for a speedy solution to the problem. The company’s and on-field technical networks alwaysensure timely and professional equipment maintenance, both routine and extraordinary in case of failures.


Reaching for top quality is hard, but keeping it is even harder!!! That's why Caffè Vero has chosen for a slow and capillary: to grow together with our clients, sharing new resources and opportunities, as one only big reality.

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