history of coffee


There are many legends narrating the origins of coffee drink.

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Historical and chronological facts ... which really happened:


Origins of the coffee
A.D. archeological finds in the Emirates confirm the use of roasted coffee in the middle-eastern countries.



Therapeutic properties
Documents of Arab medicines(Avicenna e Rhazes) testify to the therapeutic use of coffee.



The coffee and the ancient Egyptians
The physician and botanist Prospero Alpino describes the plant and confirms its popular use in Egypt



Coffee arrives in Europe
Introduction and development in Europe not only as medicine but as a normal drink too.



End of '600
The first coffee shops
Opening of the first cafes in Venice, London, Paris, Vienna, Hamburg



Worldwide diffusion
Exporting the plant from Arab countries to the World



1690 - '700
From Yemen...

The Dutch export coffee plants in their colonies in Indonesia, Guyana, etc...



1723 - 1730

…to the colonies of the Great Powers of the era

The French introduce the coffee plant in the West Indies.
The Portuguese introduce the coffee plant in Brazil
The British introduce the coffee plant in Ceylon, Jamaica, Cuba and Central America.
The Spanish
introduce the coffee plant in Colombia.



The coffee business
In terms of exports is second only to oil. Some exporting countries base their economy on it.